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8. Nadir

General: Nadir is associated with a dark period in human life when nothing works. There are blockages. You basically need to walk towards that dot, the light, at the end of the tunnel and soon enough better days arrive. The card is indeed negative, but suggests that everything will end well.

Personality: A person suffering from one’s given fate, having a victim mentality. The person sees everything in black. It can even mean paranoid tendencies.

Love: Sentimental solitude. In a relationship one partner is distant and has a cold heart. Impotence and infertility.

Money: Money problems, the situation can even become critical. Financial ruin.

Work: It can mean lack of work, unemployment or bankruptcy.

Spirituality: Lack of spirituality, and the person ends up in darkness.

Nadir in combination with other cards retains its negative nature:
2 Isolation: morbid obsessions.
11 Temptation: Sexual Obsessions.
13 Penance: Masochism, sadism.
40 Misfortune: Death around.
44 Lightning: cardiovascular problems, heart attack.
46 Sacrifice: attempted suicide.
54 Death: Death.