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53. Meditation

General Meaning: The card has of course to do with meditation. OM is an important symbol in Buddhism. HUM OM MANI in Sanskrit translates to "OM, the jewel in the lotus." These words are considered to facilitate the development of love and compassion. The card has to do with personal development, with wisdom and dissemination of knowledge. Additionally, the card is considered to be associated with independence and sometimes wishes and desires.

Personality: Meditation, shows a person who has gone through difficulties and who has become wise because of the experiences. He or she is introverted, independent, appreciates privacy and looks for tranquility. The person has a lot of confidence, can be very quiet but has an optimistic temperament and tends to idealize. There is a fascination with ideas related to Asia and the Middle East.

Love and relationships: The card is associated with a lot of sweetness and sensuality. In a love relationship the partners idealize each other’s love and the relationship is stable. Feelings are sincere and there is faithfulness.

Money: Financial problems are only temporary. The situation is stable.

Profession and work situation: Teaching Professions. Your work is very important to you and you give it lots of attention.

Personal or spiritual development: Your faith is deep and go through a period of reflection and will find answers to all questions and this will create peace of mind.

Meditation in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: new autonomy or independence
2 Isolation: we want to leave everything aside
4 Lie: disappointment as ideals don’t match reality
11 Temptation: the desire to have a secret relationship
16 Mutation:  the desire to move
23 Fred: great silence
24 Wealth: financial independence
26 Ordeal: a certain position or a job in a certain profession
32 Illusion: too much pride
33 Birth: wish to have a child, or inner search
38 Weapon: independence is threatened
39 Message: You will get the answers that you are looking for
40 Suffering: it is a sign of guilt.
42 Desert: you need privacy
43 Key: you find the solution to your problem
45 Time: delays and postponements
49 Opponents: senseless plans
52 Silence: Meditation and silence are necessary to go on with life