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4. Lie

General Meaning: This card has to do with criminal tendencies, falsifications, and lies. You must be careful with people like this, and at the same time be careful on how you lie to yourself. Lies hurt no matter if we lie to others or to ourselves. This is a negative card indifferent of the type of question.

Personality: Someone that has a calculated mind acts in self-interest and can become really mean. This person can not be trusted, as he or she is very selfish, well aware of the cunning intentions.

Love: There is no mutual love and respect in the relationship. It can also mean a misunderstanding thougg in a relationship. Look at the other cards in the spread.

Money: The situation is difficult, falsifications, debt.

Profession and work situation: Crime and theft.

Personal or spiritual development: He or she doesn't want to see the truth or is badly advised and influenced by others.

Lie in combination with other cards:

+ 3 Delta: fanaticism.
5 Water: overestimation of possibilities.
+ 6 Roots : Big family connection
+ 8 Nadir: Abuse around you.
+ 10 Success: Success but there is lack of sincerity.
+ 11 Temptation: Seductive person with morals that should be questioned.
+ 12 Seal: Watch out, you can sign something fishy.
+ 13 Penance: Sanctions for false actions.
+ 15 Love: Infidelity.
+ 20 Error: The tendency to fantasize that can cost you.
+ 21 Blessing: Agreements that aren't good or should be questioned
+ 23 Peace: You lie to yourself to keep your cool.
+ 24 Wealth: People around you hide truths about money.
+ 29 Elevation: Lies and slander may have deeper consequences than you thought.
+ 32 Illusion: You must open your eyes; the consultant is handled, manipulated.
+ 37 Light: Distrust. The consultant has the wrong idea about the power of a relationship.
+ 38 Weapon: Risk of trials and false witnesses.
+ 39 Message: No need to wait for news that never arrive.
+ 41 Justice: hypochondriacal tendency.
+ 44 Lightning: You don't see it coming or miss something out.
+ 50 Papyrus: Dubious contract that should not be signed or dubious agreement.
+ 52 Silence: Move on, ignore your opponents.
+ 55 Fusion: Infidelity..