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2. Isolation

General Meaning: The card announces a sentiment of stagnation, isolation from others, and things are simply not yet improving. You might feel blocked and if your problem is inability to connect to others for now, break the ice, start relating to others. It is that easy. Certainly the situation will not stay like this forever.This card also has to do with pension, detention, and conflicts. The ego that isolates and creates suffering.

Personality: A passive personality, silent, introverted, isolated, that doesn’t want to reveal anything. The person might suffer from inferiority complexes.

Love: Inner emotional disorders, lack of communication with others and an overwhelming lolineless. You have to begin to open up and reach out to others.

Money: The situation does not seem good, problems have accumulated.

Profession and work situation:The situation is stagnant and does not develop. Might point to administrative work.

Personal or spiritual development: You feel blocked an uninterested in spirituality or any kind of personal development quest, as you don't think it's going to help.

Isolation in combination with other cards:

- 4 Lie: Paranoia
- 5 Water: Conflict with the mother.
- 8 Nadir: Blindness.
- 13 Penance: Prison.
- 16 Mutation: Paralysis (figurative sense).
- 19 Prayer: Could mean the life of a monk.
- 26 Ordeal: Insanity.
- 32 Illusion: Drug addiction.
- 33 Birth: Infertility.