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47. Eternity

General Meaning: The card symbolizes the possibility of reaching higher up through trust, confidence, and a sense that the material world does not limit us. Something supports us and it is our beliefs. The symbol for eternity, leads us to the idea that the time of fulfillment, peace, quiet, stability in life is not short. Eternity should not be confused with the card Time, which also means a long period of time, a time of waiting, a dull, rough time. Eternity is indicating a long time, but the time period the card relates to is not at all boring. The card represents rather a long period of development, stability and progress.

Personality: A stable, strong person that does not want to change. The person is sincere, dedicated, idealistic, not too materialistic because the job situation is stable without worries. The person likes to collect things of all kinds.

Love: Harmonious, balanced relationships. Feelings are deep. Together with other cards such as Suffering, Opponent, etc. the harmony is cracked.

Money: The financial situation improves and the potential problems are solved.

Profession and work situation: Eternity is related to professions that have to do with communication: mediators, diplomats, consultants, advertisers, journalists. Problems at work, if they exist, will be solved. In some cases there are opportunities for promotion.

Personal or spiritual development: A strong faith creates satisfaction.

Eternity in combination with other cards:

8 Nadir: A cracked relationship.
9 Wisdom: A long period of enjoyment.
12 Seal: a long term contract.
13 Penance: It's time to make a change in your life.
15 Love: a stable relationship, a lasting relationship
16 Mutation: frequent trips.
19 Prayer: Spiritual quest.
28 Protection: Help, valuable assistance.
36 Travel: several trips.
38 Weapon: Anyone questioning the questioner's position.
42 Desert: your independence is important, regardless of the situation, and should not be given up.
43 Key: Everything is going well and everything is successful, a period of self-fulfillment and joy.
44 Lightning: Large vanity. Disappointment from being too eager. We want much, too fast.
45 Time: Stability.
48 Soul: Spirituality is necessary for further development.
49 Opponent: Someone is very jealous
53 Meditation: You must meditate to return to what is important.
54 Death: Hyperactivity mixed with a feeling of insecurity and aggression.
55 Fusion: A sustainable and balanced relationship.