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7. Door

General: The card signifies the passage from the world of ignorance into the world of light. Door is the possibility that unescapably appears.

Personality: A person that is open, curious, with an analytical mind that sometimes has doubts, but knows how to recognize a possibly. There may be interest in occultism.

Love: There is a need of change. Feelings change, may mean a new relationship but the card doesn’t tell in what direction this new relationship is going to develop.

Money: Solutions. Financial problems are solved.

Work: Architecture, Building. You can switch jobs or advance in your career.

Spirituality: A phase ends and you move to a more advanced stage, and any advice from someone who knows more cannot be ignored.

Door in combination with other cards:

14 Male: Encounter with a man.
16 Mutation: Moving to another house.
29 Elevation: premonitions in dreams, astral travel.
36 Travel: Moving abroad.
38 Weapon: Problems, judgments.
50 Papyrus: A contract.