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3. Delta

General Meaning: Delta symbolizes knowledge, which is the essence of life. It is a card of mysteries, secrets and respect. Light, wisdom and faith. Number three is associated with the creation, organization and divine law. Even if this is a spiritual card, it also announces that the situation will soon improve. Faith is though very important in your life, and your quest. Faith and trust help humanity in important ways that could perhaps never be explained. Spiritually this is a good card, as your vision is clear you might experience paranormal things that will enrich your life.

Personality: Calm and balanced, lucid and intuitive. Someone who has spiritual beliefs of their own. A young person with the gift of healing.

Love: Platonic love, though feelings are sincere.

Money: Financial stability although the card is primarily spiritual.

Profession and work situation: Work associated with spirituality and religion. The person has found the right job for him or her.

Personal or spiritual development: Spiritual aspirations are sincere. Practiced religion.

Delta in combination with other cards:

+ 1. Alpha: Illumination.
+ 14 Man: Priest or man pursuing a religious career.
+ 17. Energy: The consultant has healing powers.
+ 29: Elevation: Premonitions in dreams.
+ 37 Light: Clairvoyance.
+ 40 Suffering: Death and funeral.
+ 54 Death: Same as above, death or burial.