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56. Brother

General Meaning: Friendship, brotherhood, mutual trust. The card usually represents friendship, two people of the same sex, homosexuality, sisters or brothers, or even twins.

Personality: A person with homosexual inclinations. Friendship and love are important values. The person is seeking absolute love. An open individual, which easily makes contact with others.  Words are used well – excellent communication skills. The individual is young in spirit and has difficulty accepting the aging process, because aesthetics are important.

Love and relationships: A good relationship, usually a friendship or a homosexual relationship. There is trust and affection. The relationship can lead to exclusivity, but only one of the partners in the relationship feels love for the other, while for the other, the relationship is only of friendship.

Money: The financial situation looks good and nothing special happens. The person does not care so very much about money. Problems that arise can be solved because the person takes care of problems. If Brother is surrounded by negative cards such as Weapon or Opponent, the person can’t rely on friends when needing help.  

Profession and work situation: The card is not associated with any particular profession. Rather the card represents business and other activities with other family members or with friends. At the workplace, the atmosphere is positive. Relationships with work colleagues are harmonious. The card may mean that the person wants to start a new project together with a friend or with friends.

Personal or spiritual development: A counselor can help you move forward in your spiritual quest. You meet someone who feels and thinks like you do and you feel understood.

Brother in combination with other cards:

4 Lie: Friends lying, hypocrisy in friendships
6 Rot: the relationship continues after a pause.
11 Temptation: homosexual relationship
12 Seal: agreement to trust, alliance
14 Man: a man has an important role in your life
20 Mistakes: friendship ends
25 Female: a woman playing an important role in a situation
27 Doubt: lack of confidence
29 Elevation: friendship turned into a love relationship
30 Forgiveness: amicable arrangement.
35 Necessity: a distance is created between friends
38 Weapon: a break in friendship
40 Suffering: loss of friends
42 Desert: a sign of great loneliness
43 Key: help from a friend
44 Lightning: errors in an agreement
46 Sacrifice: credulity may cause blindness
49 Opponent: allies are turning their sails after the wind
55 Fusion: homosexual relationship.